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Halong Bay one day tour – Discover Halong Bay in one day

Our comprehensive list of Ha Long Bay daytrips and excursions takes you to Vietnam’s most popular natural landscape, where you get to explore incredible islands, spectacular limestone karsts, fascinating grottos, and natural cave formations during your holiday.

Accessible within a two-hour drive from Hanoi, travellers can hop on a traditional junk or modern boat for a relaxing cruise through Ha Long Bay while thrill-seekers can opt for seaplane tours where they get to enjoy unbeatable views over the magnificent landscape of limestone pillars rising out of the clear blue waters.

ha long bay one day

Inclusive of hotel transfers, English-speaking guides, meals, and refreshments, these daytrips are ideal for travellers looking to discover Ha Long Bay at just about any time duration, budget and preference

Halong Bay highlight


Amazing Cave ( Sung Sot Cave )

Sung Sot Cave is the largest and most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay, which is home to many unique rock formations. The way to Sung Sot cave under the foliage of the forest, you need to pass the long stone stairs,  get the fun of climbing, as well as the excitement like walking to the heaven.

Every year, Sung Sot Cave attracts a great number of visitors, who come here to contemplate its spectacular and magnificent beauty.

ha long bay

The total area of Sung Sot Cave is 10 000 kilometer square. Inside the cave is a wide range of stalagmites and stalactites in mysterious and weird shapes that there are no places like this. You may be overwhelmed when contemplating the pristine beauty of this fairy-tale-cave. The French used to call this cave as “Grotte Des Surprises” (The cave of surprises) thanks to its unique feature.

Luon Cave

Luon Cave is located on Bo Hon Island, which is about 14 kilometers to the South of Bai Chay. The location of this cave is a steep rock with quiet crystalized water.

The total length of Luon Cave is about 60 meters, and the cave’s ceiling is between 2.5 meters and 4 meters, depending on the water level. On entering the cave, if the level of water is high, you must lower your head to pass it. This must be the reason why the cave is called “Luon” in Vietnamese. The cave’s ceiling has so many beautiful and magnificent stalactites that you will surprise and amaze by the creation of Mother Nature.

halong bay day tour

After passing the entrance, you will see a large lake surrounded by luxuriant forest and spectacular mountains, craggy cliffs with funny golden monkeys jumping from cliffs to cliffs. Experiencing Luon Cave is an exciting journey when tourists have an opportunity to discover and enjoy the wonders of nature by kayaking. Luon Cave is thus among must-see Halong bay caves.

Titop Island

If you’ve ever seen a picture of Halong Bay, probably it was taken from the top of Ti Top Island. While it is a steep climb of a few hundred steps to the observation deck on the summit of Ti Top moutain that reveals a panoramic view of Halong Bay - it is still definitely worth the effort. The 360° view is nothing short of breathtaking, which you can spend an hour or more at the summit viewing and photographing Halong Bay.

halong bay 1 day tour

The beach on the island is one of the most organised in all of Halong Bay for tourists, with deck chairs, cool drinks, souvenirs, and fresh water showers available. You can swim or sunbathe, or spend some time relaxing in deck chair, sipping on a coconut and people watching.
And you can see all that highlights in one day with our best cruises selection.